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The Technique

— To Win,
in Spite of and Because of

The technique is a uniquely scientific approach to acting. It is simply about EMPOWERMENT. It’s about being VICTORIOUS. It’s about finding what stands in your way to get what you want in life and empower you to change it. It’s about NEVER GIVING UP and never becoming defeated. It’s about using incredible courage to subliminally empower the audience and the people around you. It’s about creating the most DYNAMIC version of people. It’s about having the cake and eating it too. It’s about HOPE. It's about taking victimization out of your life and allowing you TO WIN without judgment.
It’s about adding clinical psychology and behavioral science to "The Method Approach”, and using emotions, pain and trauma as fuel to impassion the ability to overcome. It's about finding catharsis by using information from your present life rather than from recreating past experiences. The method creates an areana for your "one-of-a- kind affectation and mannerism" to truly emerge.

This method ignites the real human spirit. This way of working realizes a true, multidimentional human being, not an acted out version. Creates the EXTRAORDINARY - the people we aspire to watch and ultimately become.

The technique recreates real human behavior by teaching you how to go to the source of what motivates human behavior.


No gimmicks, no acting exercises, no pretenses. We will go directly to analyzing the script from the viewpoint of the science of behavior. You will learn how to look at the psyche of the character in the script and how that character negotiates life. Then, using The Chubbuck Technique, Violet Tcherkin will teach you to replicate the character from your own personal needs and life experiences. This creates a character that is vivid, authentic who lives and breaths in the moment. It’s a way to realize and embody a character so that the character becomes you, and you become the character.

Ivana Chubbuck

— Students of The Chubbuck Technique: 

Brad Pitt (Academy Award and Golden Globe Winner) 
Halle Berry (Academy Award Winner)
Charlize Theron (Academy Award Winner)
Jared Leto (Academy Award Winner)
Jim Carrey (Golden Globe Winner)
Judith Light (2 Times Tony Award Winner)
Jake Gyllenhaal (Golden Globe Nomination)
PINK! (Grammy Winner)
Jessica Alba (Golden Globe Nomination)
Beyoncé Knowles (Golden Globe Nomination)
Liv Tyler (MTV Movie Award Winner)
Chris Pine (BSFC Award Winner)
Gerard Butler (MTV Movie Award Winner)
Matthew Perry (Golden Globe Nomination)
& many more...

- Testimonials

"I found this proactive approach to be extremely powerful-not just in acting, but also in writing and directing" - Eriq La Salle

"Foi a primeira vez que alguem me propos um metodo e me mostrou quais os passos pra se alcancar um resultado mais palpavel e estar em cena mais seguro, dependendo menos do instinto e me apoiando numa tecnica coesa" - Reynaldo Giannechini

"I used to be ashamed of my pain and my past, the very things that empowered me as an artist and as a human being.” - Tasha Smith

"I’ve found that using the technique has not only helped me understand more about the details of life experience, and the depth of what drives a character to do what she does, but it also has helped to understand who I am" - Camilla Belle

"Whether it’s a lawyer facing down big government, or a serial killer on the loose, the tools the technique provides are indispensable in the analysis, motivation and breakdown of the character" - David Marconi  (Writer/Director)

— The Power of the Actor

This book is essential to any actor on any level, anyone aspiring to be an actor, a public speaker, a director, a writer or simply to anyone who wants to become more empowered in life. Its process can be applied across all genres.

Ivana Chubbuck, the master mind behind "The Power of the Actor", is a premier acting teacher and one of the most sought-after acting coaches in Hollywood. In this book she reveals her forefront technique, considered the leading edge of acting for the twenty-first century.

"The Power of the Actor" guides you to dynamic and effective results by a 12 Step Process. It is a curriculum that takes the theories of the acting masters, such as Stanislavski, Meisner, and Hagen, to the next step by utilizing inner pain and emotions, not as an end in itself, but rather as a way to drive and WIN a goal. A practical way that shows you how to get the most out of your scene study.
It's tried and tested.

It is a book for life. By reading this book you can become inspired to live an empowered life.

Since the book's first publication, due to the organic development of this technique, there have been several enhancements and additional exercises created by Ivana Chubbuck that are not featured in "The Power Of the Actor". Violet Tcherkin has had the privilege to study and work with these new advencements while being mentored and coached by Ivana Chubbuck herself.
Picture of Ivana Chubbucks book, The Power of the Actor
4.7 of 5 stars!
The Power of the Actor is translated to these languages; Australian, Chinese, Danish, French, German, Israeli, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese for Taiwan, Mongolian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish.

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